Think creatively. Act decisively. Communicate clearly.


Coaching Leaders to Succeed During Transition.

It’s a fact. We get in our own way. A sounding board helps us to see, do, and accomplish what we miss. JSK custom tailors each client programs with formats that include:

Transitions include:

  • Sudden job loss
  • Promotion to a new position
  • Assignment to another division
  • Conflict between personalities or departments
  • Changeover from corporate to consultancy
  • Onboarding and outplacement
  • Personal and familial events
  • Similar extenuating circumstances.


Transition shakes us up.

It challenges our well-being and productivity. Without it, we acquiesce to the status quo.


Maintain the elements of success as an organizational leader:


  • Accountable Action
  • Strategic Problem-Solving
  • Goal-Oriented Focus
  • Results-Oriented Initiatives


We partner with you in your process.  JSK employs Co-Active® peer coaching (neither a consulting nor a therapeutic model). We acknowledge our clients are capable to find answers to the challenges they face as leaders. For problem-solving, we use the most effective process in the industry —the Power of Metaphor® (which delivers results 99.9% of the time)—to move stuck leaders from indecision to action.


It’s your transition, your career. Succeed.





Client Testimony

"You seemed to pull answers out, instead of handing down opinions."

Nate Koach, Vice President Flux Business Communications, CA