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Sample list from training, consulting or workshops and combinations including individuals and organizational agreements (with industry/key contact).

Client Flux
Flux Business Communications, LLC, CA (Marketing) President, Founder, Vice-Presidents, and Departmental Staff

"About 6-8 months ago I was going through a series of very great challenges in my personal and business life—all good things, but just incredibly overwhelming. I heard about coaching and found (JSK), and took advantage of that… My life has transformed as our sessions have continued."

--Jamie Schwartzman, President, Flux Business Communications

"Like a journalist, you are there to extract the most truthful information possible. With this info, you can find applicable and associative references that make sense."

--Nate Koach, Vice President, Flux Business Communications

Client CitiBank

CitiBank, Bahrain (Finance) Human Resources

"Amazing approach and the outcome is really surprising in such a short time. …I have discovered that I am ready… to gain attention from senior levels inside and outside of the country."

--E.C., HR Generalist, CitiBank

Client Care
CARE International
, US (Non-profit) French-speaking Program Leaders: Burundi, Congo, France, Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Rwanda

"Ses conseils m'ont été très utiles pour améliorer mes qualités de Manager et de Leader, comment gérer efficacement mon temps et répondre dans les délais. Josef a suscité en moi une conscientisation sur mes faiblesses en management, ce qui a eue une répercussion positive."

--Abdoul-Karim Coulibaly, Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, CARE Mali

Client Air France
Air France, Paris (Travel) Departmental Marketing Executive

"J'ai découvert qu'il faut commencer à être plus concret (dans mes recherches et mon emploi du temps) si je veux mener à bien mes projets créatifs."

--O.Y., Departmental Marketing Executive, Air France

Client BODA

Boda Consulting LLC, CA President

"…I have better language for introducing (my) organizational clients… Creating (a) great process for playfully taking them out of their us-against-them positions and into collaboration…"

--G.B., President. Boda Consulting, LLC

Client Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles France/USA/Worldwide CEO

"Thanks for being so complete and rigorous. I so wish all coaches worked the same way with their business practices as you do."

--Janice Gjertsen-Caillet, CEO, Coaching Circles

Client Channel One Digital-Video
Channel One Digital-Video, Los Angeles (Media)

"You really know your stuff. You’re excellent, and empathetic. You challenge me to do what I really can do. You rock!"

--William W., Owner, Channel One Digital

Client BEA Systems, Inc
BEA Systems, Inc, Chicago, IL (Technology) Director, Worldwide Sales Enablement

"The most important result was to solidify my priorities: to work less and have greater flexibility in my life. When a promotion opportunity came along, it was easier to turn it down. I have since accepted a new promotion that is not in conflict with my goals."

--Dan Burg, Director, Worldwide Sales Enablement, BEA Systems Inc.

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Client Garthwaite Partners International
Garthwaite Partners International

Client La Société Française de Coaching
La Société Française de Coaching

Client MW Executive Coaching
MW Executive Coaching


Client Parker Associates

Parker Associates

Client Jeunesse en Mission
Jeunesse en Mission

Client Financial Planning Centers Network
Financial Planning Centers Network

Client Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes

Client Senior Home-Buddies

Senior Home-Buddies



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