Think creatively. Act decisively. Communicate clearly.


Coaching Leaders to Succeed During Transition.

We hone leadership development and communication skills in order for leaders to better execute their strategic plan.


JSK Coaching Associates builds effective leaders.


We help leaders to manage their careers successfully during times of transition or adversity.



Successful corporate leaders know how to inspire and implement. JSK Coaching Associates gives them the tools, techniques, and approaches that drive results, that move them from inspiration to implementation. Our process gets to the core of people’s issues:


    • We establish baseline parameters and track progress with 360° Leadership and Goal Assessments.
    • We listen as a nonjudgmental sounding board and trusted advisor.
    • We assure development through one-on-one accountability.


      JSK executive coaching enables leaders to inspire their team to execute the organization's strategy.



Coaching Develops Better Leaders:


Leadership Development Coaching

Observe > Orient > Decide > Act

  • Initial Intake Interview
  • Self-Evaluation Form (pdf)
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Plan Design
  • Weekly On-Site or Phone Appointments
  • Leadership and Communication Skills Development
  • Organizational Skills Development
  • 4 Appointments per Month
  • 3- to 6-Month Program Minimum
  • Accountability
  • Unlimited Email/Phone Support
  • Goal Evaluation, Plan Adjustment
  • 100% Private and Confidential
  • OptionalTemperament Sorter, Assessments, 360°





Client Testimonies


"I heard about coaching and found (JSK). My (personal and business) life has transformed as our sessions have continued."

Client: Jamie Schwartzman, President Flux Business Communications, Los Angeles, CA

"My hope is to get some feedback from you. From my last experience with you, you are a very powerful coach and I am always open to feedback."

Client: David G. Jensen, Author, Selling with Science and Soul, Los Angeles, CA